Meet the Mermaids: Jamba Dunn, CEO

Meet the Mermaids: Jamba Dunn, CEO

Get answers to all your burning questions about Rowdy Mermaid's booch boss.

March 31, 2018

Each month, Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha highlights its internal staff to provide more clarity around who we are and why we do what we do. We interviewed Jamba Dunn, our Founder and CEO. After two years of research in microbiology and business development, Jamba created Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha in 2013, then began selling product in April 2014.

Rowdy Mermaid: Who's your spirit animal, and why

Jamba Dunn: The Nordic Food Lab is my spirit animal. They're food scientist rock stars who jump the flaming shark every day in their own careful, cloistered, minimalist, Danish way.

RM: What makes you a Rowdy Mermaid/Merman?

JD: The tail. Certainly it's the tail.

RM: Why are you CEO?

JD: I run all business operations, fundraising, PR and brand strategy for the company, but that was too long to put on my business card. For a while I was also the brewer, operations manager, packaging line manager, accountant, office manager and taproom server. My business card was the size of a laptop. Someone suggested using the short acronym CEO. It means something like "Cruel Example of Overwork" in an obscure regional business dialect.

RM: Can I have your job?

JD: It's really more of a lifelong unpaid internship. But yes.

RM: Would you rather be a mermaid with a fish tail or a fish upper body and a human lower body?

JD: I'd rather just have a set of gills and you can follow me around with a kombucha spray bottle keeping me alive.

Jamba Dunn, a month before owning his own business. 

RM: Are mermaids real? What about Sasquatch?

JD: Mermaids and Sasquatch are real and they're living on a small Pacific island with Elvis, Bruce Lee and Ted Danson. Follow the chemtrails!

RM: What's your favorite quote? And no it cannot be your own quote.

JD: I have a doctorate in philosophy and I used to drop Nietzsche quotes. Now that I'm a small business owner, my favorite quote is the one that matches the final bill.

RM: Where do you feel most alive?

JD: In my left arm. I broke it last year and it won't stop reminding me.

RM: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

JD: The second time I did something for the last time was riding the Tower of Doom with my daughter. Since I'm not doing that again it marks the first time I did something for the last time.

RM: You're dropping the hottest mixtape of 2018. What's it called?

JD: Ted Danson's Isle of Sasquatch Mermen.

RM: Do you think Narwhals are just hybrid unicorn mermaids?

JD: I want my job back now.

RM: But wait, what is your spirit food?

JD: Butterfly Pancakes.


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