A Match Made in Heaven: Partnering with WishGarden Herbal Remedies

A Match Made in Heaven: Partnering with WishGarden Herbal Remedies

Magic happens when WishGarden and Rowdy Mermaid are combined.

March 31, 2018

We sat down with Malia Thompson of WishGarden Herbal Remedies, one of our all time favorite local companies to partner with. WishGarden is a Boulder-based company that specializes in artisan herbal formulas for adults, children, women and pregnancy.

Malia gave us a little background on how the Rowdy Mermaid and WishGarden love came to fruition, plus the magic that happens when WishGarden herbal remedies are combined with Rowdy Mermaid.

"It all started with our WishCart, which is a branded mobile minibar complete with four stools and an umbrella. Catherine Hunziker, the owner of WishGarden, had the idea of serving mocktails from our new WishCart at special events. We did one event trying out our mocktail idea that consisted of mixing our formulas with the usual mocktail ingredients like flavored sparkling water and fruit juices. It was fun and people liked it (or maybe it was just the WishCart they liked?). We knew it needed some work, though. But what?

Then one day, Catherine learned that Jamba Dunn, the owner of Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, had been mixing our Deep Stress formula with one of his kombucha flavors. He invited us to create more of these pairings at their upcoming open house event. Catherine and I were thrilled at the opportunity.

We quickly discovered that many of our lifestyle formulas, like Genius Juice, Liquid Bliss, Deep Stress, and Mo’Betta Belly are a match made in heaven with Rowdy Mermaid kombuchas. It was an immediate success. Over the course of that summer, we shared our discovery at many special events and the feedback has been consistently positive..."

Rowdy Mermaid: Could you tell us more about the bioavailability between Rowdy Mermaid and WishGarden?

Malia Thompson: Of course! Our formulas are fast-acting, but it appears to have even a faster impact when we pair our supplements with Rowdy Mermaid. Conservatively speaking, there is something about parring the formula to a fermented beverage that enhances the effects. We call it a delicious way to get your herbal supplements!

RM: We’ve partnered on so many events together, what's been your favorite one so far?

MT: We did a Natural Grocers Anniversary event that was crazy fun. We reached so many people and spread the word about how well WishGarden pairs with Rowdy. We also love doing grocery events because we’re able to reach the public and receive feedback on how people feel about our products and the effect that it has on people.

RM: What do you love most about mocktails?

MT: They're zero guilt cocktails! They taste great, they're easy to make, and they're a healthier alternative to alcoholic drinks.

RM: What is your favorite mocktail recipe?

MT: The Smart Kitty (see recipe below) has been my favorite. The pairing of our Genius Juice, which has hints of cinnamon, with a fruit-based kombucha like Strawberry Tonic or Savory Peach became my new love. The complexity of the flavor combinations just works and it's delicious.

Smart Kitty Mocktail Recipe

Fill a glass tumbler with ice
Pour in 6 oz Rowdy Mermaid Strawberry Tonic or Savory Peach kombucha
Add 4-6 squirts of WishGarden Genius Juice
Stir and garnish with a cinnamon stick

For a sophisticated touch, you can also serve these mocktails martini-style, chilled over ice and strained into a martini glass with garnish.

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