Adaptogens are all the rage, so naturally we made them Rowdy.

Say hello to Rowdy Mermaid Sparkling Tonic with Adaptogens, crafted with refreshing botanicals, luscious fruits, powerful herbs, and 200mg Reishi mushroom extract for immunity and 200mg Lion's Mane mushroom extract for clarity. These powerhouse mushrooms give you all the healthy perks without any of the mushroom taste so only the only the crisp, bright and beautiful flavors shine through in every sip.

Reishi of sunshine, at your service.

Reishi mushrooms, nicknamed the “mushroom of immortality”, contain high concentrations of healthy beta-glucans (an efficacious fiber) and are an immunity-strengthening powerhouse. Thanks to art and science, we figured out how to extract beta-glucans from reishi mushrooms to create beautifully crafted, flavorful sparkling immunity tonic combinations. Organic botanicals, fruits and herbs like ripe juicy blackberries, sweet summer strawberries, floral chamomile and tangy yuzu boost your immunity in the most delicious way.

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