Our Story

Infused with Life


The Rowdy Mermaid Story

In spring of 2013, I lost my office job in a corporate downsizing that turned out to be one of the most fortunate events of my life. I had been brewing kombucha in my garage for my daughter—my biggest fan and most discerning critic. She wanted me to make it less sweet, less vinegary and she wanted it made with fresh herbs from our mountain garden. If I thought earning a Ph.D. was difficult, it was nothing compared to reinventing a 2,000 year-old beverage to suit the palate of a toddler.

With the help of kombucha industry experts and biochemists, I finally solved the riddle of how to brew a caffeine-free kombucha using fresh plants. Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha was born.

- Jamba Dunn, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO

Inspired Ingredients

We are humbled by the diversity of the natural world and our wild local environment. We comb the planet in search of inspired and unusual ingredients, building our flavors around the healthful benefits of fresh herbs, roots and flowers. We pay homage to kombucha tradition by crafting ours with creativity and passion. This is an art form, and we paint a picture with zesty ginger, punchy pepperberry and balance the composition with smooth, earthy chaga. We revel in complexity, dance with nuance and invite your palate to do the same.

Seasonal & Sustainable Practices

Our brewing philosophy is based on the pure, sustainable and seasonal ideal of new Nordic cuisine. Like vintners, we brew according to the natural seasonality of our fresh ingredients, crafting scalable small batches and supporting a rotating tap program. By working with small farms and suppliers our customers benefit from adaptogenic plants picked at their peak. Our products are non-GMO and certified organic, crafted from ethically-sourced wildcrafted plants and small farm Bangladeshi teas. Rowdy Mermaid supports 100% wind source energy and we bottled in renewable glass packaging.

Pursuit of Passion

Rowdy Mermaid brings a flair of the unexpected to the kombucha category. Here, wild hearts and minds race in a creative frenzy to craft original, authentic living beverages. Loved by many, unfathomable to others, our kombuchas dare to go where others won't. We are unbridled and expressive in our wandering, tirelessly seeking the unconventional course. We pursue our passion so you can, too.