Shipping & Returns

Kombucha is a fermented product with living probiotics. We produce, store, and ship our products cool to prevent residual fermentation in the can, which can change the flavor of Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha and lead to excess carbonation inside.  Once received, do not open your kombucha near sensitive material or equipment to avoid potential damage.  

Rowdy Mermaid maintains its freshness and meets our internal specifications for taste, acidity and sugar amounts within 24 hours of becoming warm.  Do not be alarmed if your Rowdy Mermaid arrives warm, as it is still good to drink. However we recommend refrigerating it right away and serving chilled. If you experience excess carbonation or a distinct change in flavor, please let us know immediately.

Our products ship Monday through Wednesday weekly. Orders received Thursday through Sunday will be shipped the following Monday. Your Rowdy Mermaid product will arrive in an insulated box specially designed to keep your order at the appropriate temperature. Rowdy Mermaid is not responsible for lost or stolen product, that has been left out for extended periods of time, weather or other unrelated delays. Additionally, Rowdy Mermaid cannot be held responsible for damaged or compromised product due to the following reasons:

Incorrect addresses. We ship to the exact address you enter at checkout. Please double check that your address is correct before submitting your order. Please contact Fed-Ex if they are having trouble delivering to your particular address.Unopened shipments. Rowdy Mermaid shipping boxes are clearly marked “Keep Refrigerated” and the product must be refrigerated upon receipt. Rowdy Mermaid  products are perishable and clearly marked with expiration dates. Product must be consumed within these dates.



Due to the sensitive temperature and packaging requirements for shipping our product we cannot accept returns. If you experience an issue with your order, please contact us through, and we will do our best to work with you on a case-by-case basis.