Get Rowdy
Morning, Noon, and Night

Get Rowdy <br> Morning, Noon, and Night

January means a brand new year and annual New Year’s resolutions. Some of us love resolutions, while others, well, not so much. Hey, no judgment here! We just think that the “New Year, New You” mantra could use some work.

In our opinion, we are all pretty rad as we are. We are already adventurous, curious, and intentional, but maybe this year we want to become a more conscious consumer, immerse ourselves in Mother Nature more or live in the present more fully, and we are all for that. We do not need a day on the calendar to start living the life we want.

Whether it is January or July, we encourage you to stay rowdy morning, noon and night. Wondering how you can do this? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Here is how we can stay rowdy all day and all year long.

Rowdy Mornings

Mornings can be rough, especially if you are trying to cut down on caffeine consumption and coffee. Instead of roasting up a mug of your favorite morning brew, try sipping a Grapefruit Rise. Handcrafted with Yerba Mate and a pinch of organic caffeine, Grapefruit rise delivers the perfect amount of kick to your day to give you that morning energy boost. With 100 mg of added caffeine, only slightly more than an average cup of coffee, you will not need to reach for that second cup of joe when you are spending your mornings sipping on the fresh flavors of grapefruit and rosemary. (You’re welcome).


This year, maybe one of your health and wellness goals is to increase circulation and move more. It could mean starting your day off with a brisk morning walk listening to your favorite jams to pump you up for the day or a podcast. Perhaps it is a sweat session at the gym or a yoga flow in your very own living room. No matter what type of movement you prefer, it will pair perfectly with Hibiscus Pulse. The subtly smooth taste of the hibiscus flower coupled with a dose of low-key cassia and chipotle will get your heart pumping, all while supporting healthy circulation. Go ahead and channel your inner wellness emcee and wait for the beat to drop with a sip of Hibiscus Pulse.

Get Rowdy in the Afternoon

Lunch break? How about another time to get rowdy? We thought so. While you are enjoying a more mindful meal for lunch, complement it with Rowdy Belly. Inspired by an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, Rowdy Belly was carefully crafted to better support digestion. Oh, and did we mention it also tastes fantastic?


Okay so maybe mindful eating did not exactly happen at lunch today and hey, that is a-okay. It happens, because hello, pizza, but now you may find yourself in a food coma and that is definitely not ideal for that afternoon brainstorming session with the team. No worries! Get clear with some much-needed clarity with Lion’s Root. Infused with a combination of flavors and ingredients that awakens focus and enlightens the senses, Lion’s Mane Mushroom is known to traditionally support brain function, and couldn’t we all use a little more stimulation to avoid that 3 pm slump? We think so at least!


Looking for another way to avoid a midday “I need a nap” feeling? Make sure you are staying hydrated. Dehydration can often make us feel tired, so instead of heading out for an overpriced afternoon cup of coffee or reaching for a sweet treat stuffed in your desk drawer (we see that candy bar buried in the back), try a refreshing, hydrating beverage instead like Watermelon Bloom. Bonus, it is caffeine-free so you will not be wired well into the night.


Evenings Can Be Rowdy Too

While you wind down, calm and nurture yourself with Alpine Lavender. Connect body, mind, and soul with flavor and function in this calming concoction that includes a smidge of Elderberry for a touch of immune support.



Looking for another tasty way to enjoy fresh flavors while keeping your body’s system in mind? Try Savory Peach which is sure to please the palate with its unique combination of peach and thyme. It is an intriguing combination that is curiously cool. Plus, the thyme includes some immunity-enhancing benefits.

Stay Rowdy

See, staying rowdy all day, and all year long is way easier than you may think. This year, pair your new health and wellness routines with your favorite flavors of Rowdy Mermaid and find fun and delicious ways to dive deeper into the day and year ahead. Stay rowdy friends!