The Importance of Ingredients Over Nutrition Labels

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As a life-long learner and someone who is infinitely curious, you may sometimes find yourself contemplating some of life’s most serious questions. Questions like what is all of the fuss about functional fungi or how do I compost at home and can I really help save the planet? What about going caffeine-free and what is the deal with nutrition labels? If you find yourself wandering the grocery store aisles and wondering the same things as us, we have got you. Here is why you may want to review the ingredients list before taking a look at nutrition labels.


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Focusing on Ingredients

When grocery shopping, many people look at nutrition facts first. Things like calories per serving size, total fat, sodium, total carbohydrates, dietary fiber, total sugars, and protein are all line items your eyes may graze over. Rather than looking at these nutrition label facts, consider focusing on the ingredients list first.

We know reviewing an ingredient label may sound intimidating, but reading through ingredients does not have to be complicated. Simply look for beverages and foods with ingredients that you can pronounce and are recognizable. A good rule of thumb is to stick to natural, whole-food ingredients because chances are if you can pronounce something and recognize it then your body most likely can too.


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Clean Ingredients Matter

Whether you are shopping for beverages or food, clean ingredients matter. We know what ingredients you put in (and on) your body have a major impact on your overall health and well-being. That includes your physical health, mental health, and even your emotional and spiritual health. This is why we are mindful of the ingredients we use in our Sparkling Tonic with Adaptogens and Kombucha beverages. 

We use things like functional botanicals, herbs, flowers, fruits, and mushrooms that are always organic and regenerative whenever possible. We believe Mother Earth provides the best flavors and ingredients possible, which is why we look to her for direction when creating our delicious wellness beverages. After all, nothing tastes better than ingredients found fresh in nature!

Some of the all-star ingredients we include in our functional beverages include:

Dandelion Root
Green Tea
Rooibos Tea

Don’t these all sound super delicious and good for you too? We think so!
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The Importance of Ingredients
If you want to feel (and look) your best, it all starts from the inside. The next time you are grocery shopping for your favorite functional food and beverages, remember to look at the ingredient list before you review the nutrition label.

Keep in mind, reading ingredient labels does not have to be tedious or time-consuming. The next time you are grocery shopping, fill your grocery cart with the best foods and beverages possible so you can feel your rowdiest, in the best way possible. Stay rowdy friends!